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                     Wes Crist

Please come in and learn more about how Rolfing® can improve your health and life, plus learn more about me, Wes Crist.




You will enjoy the Rolfing experience for many years to come.  My goal is to help you live a longer life and enjoy life's pleasures without unnecessary physical pain. -- Wes Crist


Wes Crist's Life Experiences

Certified Rolfing® Practitioner

Bodywork That Eases Your Body's Work


Offices in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado



  •     Certified Rolfing Practitioner
  •     B.S., M.ED Colorado State University
  •     35 Years Elementary and Junior    High Teacher
  •     38 Years Coaching Track and Field,  Cross Country, Basketball, and Football
  •     Long Distance Runner     


Wes Crist Cell Phone

Please call for an appointment or more information... (970) 215-0209